Marquett Burton Net Worth

Marquett Burton Net Worth
Marquett Burton Net Worth

Marquett Burton Net Worth:- Marquett Davon Burton is the son of Jeffrey Leadbetter and Kim Burton and was born in San Diego, California. She was raised in Pasadena, California, and graduated from high school when she was sixteen years old. She subsequently studied political science at the University of California, Berkeley, where she earned a bachelor’s degree. She attended the University of California, Berkeley as a George A. Miller and Ronald E. McNair Scholar.

Marquett Burton is the CEO and co-founder of Fletch, a university retention programme that enables any classmate to invite another classmate to a study group and receive a response within 24 hours with just three taps on their cell phone. Marquette has worked in the nonprofit, public, and private sectors and is passionate about educating people about business, financial literacy, and overcoming hardship.

Barton graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in political science. She attended the University of California, Berkeley as a Ronald E. McNair and George A Miller Research Scholar. She joined Teach For America’s Baltimore office in 2009 upon graduation. She subsequently began teaching sixth grade social studies at Booker T. Washington Middle School. She was instrumental in developing a mentorship connection with Union Baptist Church, as she desired to assist children outside of the classroom. This cooperation is still providing technical training, resources, college preparatory field excursions, mentorship, and tutoring to kids.

As a graduate of UC Berkeley, Barton reflected on his undergraduate experience and observed a link between student attendance and accomplishment. What is the remedy? Fletch is an app that simplifies the process of taking attendance in universities. Burton was selected to introduce Fletch to southwest Missouri with the assistance of efactory’s Cohort 4 accelerator programme.

Marquett Burton Net Worth:- $1 Million

Burton discovered that by meeting with other students on a regular basis to discuss assignments, he was able to boost his scores and connect with like-minded people. Burton credits much of his success to the fact that his closest childhood friends, while similarly talented intellectually, were unable to establish such ties throughout their college years and finally dropped out.

Burton travelled from Chicago to Charlotte this week to discuss Fletch at Red Ventures’ Fort Mill headquarters. Red Ventures and venture capital company SierraMaya360 co-hosted the event. Barton earned the ultimate prize – the opportunity to negotiate the investment with the event’s venture capitalist judges.

Marquette Barton exemplifies what it means to have a “high value life.” Her income has not been released to the public, but her net worth is estimated to be $700,000. Marquette leveraged his experience in government relations to establish relationships with the Korean National Information Technology Promotion Agency and the Korean Academy of Science and Technology, resulting in the formation of a public-private partnership to assist Fletch in entering the Korean market.

Marquette Barton of California met with the president of the University of Missouri-St. Louis more than four years ago to develop a new student success application. At that point, the chancellor expressed concern, prompting Barton to consider another problem to solve. “I occurred to suggest, ‘If we can determine when pupils cease attending school, we can assist them,'” Burton explains. The first step toward motivating children to learn was to incorporate them into the classroom. Daily roll call, on the other hand, has been absent due to huge class numbers and limited time.

The programme, designed by Marquett Burton, may now be used in the classroom since it “provides real-time proof that pupils have boarded the school bus.” Both instructors and parents can watch kids, with the assertion that because Bluetooth is used, privacy can be maintained by monitoring devices only within a certain radius and at specified times. Fletch is prepared to begin functioning in a big school district in the Midwest, but Burton has declined to identify him.

He relocated to Crossroads School in 2010 to teach Year 6 humanities, thinking that literacy is crucial for student achievement. He started 5 Fingers Ltd. in 2011 with the mission of enabling kids to instil health, pleasant connections, and critical thinking in themselves, their families, and the community. Mr. Marquette designed the Healthy Minds & Bodies programme with the cooperation of his Year 6 team to encourage pupils to engage in aerobic activity on a daily basis.

Burton and his colleagues have previously tested the programme with 10,000 pupils in a variety of Southern California schools. They are now piloting a programme with DeVry University. Burton and five other entrepreneurial teams pitched their company ideas to a panel of judges in a Shark Tank-style competition. The judges included A.J. Ratani, president of Red Ventures Tech; John Sutton, president of Red Ventures Disrupt; Amish Shah, co-founder of SierraMaya360; and Louis Foreman, co-founder of Edison Nation.

In 2014, Marquett Davon Burton created the Fletch App, the world’s first tool for effortless participation. Over half of college students in the United States drop out, and Burton invented the Fletch App to fight this statistic. Burton pioneered the vertical presence with the introduction of Fletch. He was funded by the South Korean government and relocated to Seoul to serve as CEO. Burton locations include Chicago, Petoskey, South Korea, Puerto Rico, Cincinnati, Springfield, St. Louis, and Erie.

The programme, designed by Marquett Burton, may also be utilised in the classroom since it “provides real-time proof that pupils have boarded the school bus.” Teachers and parents may watch their children, and because it uses Bluetooth, it promises to protect their privacy by tracking devices only within a certain radius and during specified times. Fletch is preparing to launch operations at a big school district in the Midwest, which Burton refuses to identify.

Marquett Burton Net Worth
Marquett Burton Net Worth