Alison Mosshart Net Worth 2022

Alison Mosshart Net Worth
Alison Mosshart Net Worth

Alison Mosshart Net Worth:- Alison Mosshart is the lead singer of The Kills and The Dead Weather, two rock bands. She is also a singer, composer, and visual artist from the United States. As a new Florida punk rock band Price reduction member, she started writing and recording her own music in 1995. In 2000, the band disbanded. For the first time in 2000, she formed a band with British guitarist Jamie Hince in London. Alison Mosshart has an estimated net worth of $3 Million.

Her parents, Vivian and Mark Mosshart raised her and her brother, Matthew Mosshart, in Vero Beach, Florida, where she was born on November 23, 1978. Her parents worked in the automotive industry, while her mother taught art in a high school. Alison developed an interest in art as a result of her mother’s influence. She joined Jack White, Jack Lawrence, and Dean Fertita’s The Useless Temperature in the start of 2009, and she’s been a member ever since. Her phase name is “Infant Ruthless.”

Many contests had Mosshart as a judge. She was previously engaged to Matthew Mosshart. As the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne, she is a household name. Aimee Osbourne, a British-born American actress, and singer is Sharon Osbourne’s sister. Kelly Osbourne’s wife, Michelle Lee, Aimee, Jack, Jessica, Louis, and Elliot Kingsley Osbourne are the Osbournes’ children. Both Aimee Osbourne and Jack Osbourne were born in the month of September 1983. Her real siblings are Aimee Osbourne and Jack Osbourne, members of the Osbourne family.

Hince was performing in a squat above Alison Mosshart while she was on tour with her previous band, and she overheard them. After she eventually got his attention, they got down to some serious songwriting business. In the months following her return to her native Florida, she continued to collaborate on songs with Jamie by sending her ideas to his home in London. After Mosshart saved up enough money, she moved to London and the duet was formed. On her left hand, she has inked the date of their debut show: 14 February 2002.

Alison Mosshart Net Worth:- $3 Million

The pop-punk band Discount was founded by Mosshart at the age of 17 because she had always been interested in music. In Vero Beach, Florida, she sang lead for a band that comprised another musician and some of her roller derby teammates. The band’s debut album, Ataxia’s Alright Tonight, was recorded in one session. Crash Diagnostic, their final album, was also released in Gainesville in 2000.

When Discount broke up in 2000, Mosshart was still a member of the band. They went on to record their debut album Keep on Your Mean Side and tour the U.S. in support of it in 2003. No Wow, the band’s second studio album was released in 2005. They debuted at number one on the US Heatseekers chart with their third album, Midnight Boom, which was published in 2008. Blood Pressures by The Kills was released in 2011; Ash & Ice by The Kills was released in 2016. 2009 saw Mosshart join The Dead Weather as a member.

On a tour for their new album, Mosshart and Discount came upon Hince, who was also a musician. Alison is impressed by Hince’s performance in a squat and asks him to join their band. For her second studio album, she put out The Kills. In 2005, the band released No Wow, their second album. After that, they put out a completely different record, their sophomore effort. Her first album, Midnight Boom, was released in 2008. Singles “U R A Fever,” “Cheap and Cheerful,” and “Sour Cherry” are all available.

Her musical career also includes a 2006 appearance in the Primal Scream song Dolls. In 2008, Mosshart performed in Paris at the Live Olympia Theatre. She has also made her artistic debut. In 2016, she exhibited photographs at the Impossible Project in Berlin. While being interviewed for “Today I’m Wearing,” Mosshart talked about her career in fashion for

In 2008, Alison had a brief romance with Noel Fielding. They allegedly separated up the next year, according to rumors. There were a few headlines in 2009 based on her rumors regarding Jack White, Bobby Gillespie, and Joshua Hayward. As recently as 2011, she had an interaction with Dave Brown documented. As a co-writer of eight of the 10 original songs on their debut album, “Horehound” and “Die By the Drop,” she was also responsible for the band’s first single, “Hang You from the Heavens,” which was released on March 11, 2009. Mosshart also penned the song ‘So Far From Your Weapon.’

The Kills began Jack White’s Lazaretto tour on June 26 at Dublin’s Royal Hospital Kilmainham. White enlisted Mosshart and Hince to sing White’s “Love Interruption” and Leadbelly’s “Goodnight Irene” with him. When ArtNowNY’s joint exhibit Push It first opened in 2014, Mosshart had her work on display for the first time. She works primarily with paint as her major medium. The Joseph Gross Gallery in New York hosted her first solo exhibition, Fire Power, in 2015. In 2016, she participated in Berlin’s Impossible Project and displayed images.

Alison Mosshart Net Worth
Alison Mosshart Net Worth