Download the 5 Latest Full Anim BUSSID Truck Mods

Download the 5 Latest Full Anim BUSSID Truck Mods

If you are a BUSSID (Bus Simulator Indonesia) player, you will not be satisfied with just enjoying the truck mods. From here, we have a number of BUSSID truck mods loaded with sugarcane ready to be tested.

Indeed, sugar cane-laden trucks have existed in BUSSID games for a long time. Of course, the modelers intentionally created the sugar cane mod trucks because they wanted to know how the sugar cane truck drivers felt.

Like in the real world, the BUSSID modder was modified to closely resemble the original. Starting with the wheel modifications, the modifications include the tailgate, cane load, suspension, and much more.

Want to try this BUSSID modification? Try this modification now from the article below.

Download the Latest Sugarcane-loaded BUSSID Truck Mod

A large number of enthusiasts for trucks loaded with sugarcane-made BUSSID modders compete in making them. In fact, we also want to experience the sugarcane truck mod.

In fact, now we have a collection of BUSSID truck mod collections taken from various sources, including the following:

  1. Real Suspension Sugarcane Loading Canter Truck
  2. The Umplung Truck Mod fits Sugar Cane
  3. NKR PO v8 trucks transporting Red Sugar Cane
  4. Mod NKR PO v6 brings Sugar Cane
  5. Truck Canter Full load of Sugarcane

Features of the Sugarcane Transport Truck Mod

What’s more, it turns out that the mod truck that carries the sugarcane in this BUSSID game has a myriad of features. These features are certainly intended to increase the attractiveness of the game to new players.

Therefore, we have compiled the following list of interesting features that can be experienced when using BUSSID’s sugarcane hauler mod:

  • Realistic and soft suspension, ideal for road travel.
  • Exterior and interior designs are very, very detailed.
  • Bonus coloring on all mods
  • Cane road overload
  • Variable tires/wheels
  • Equipped with GPS dashboard
  • Lots of animations, even animations 1, 2, and 3
  • No bugs
  • Fully modded by a modeler
  • Of course, this sugar cane mod is free!

Installation of Sugarcane Mod and Truck Livery

It is straightforward to do, but new BUSSID players are often confused about how to install the sugarcane mod truck.

That’s when we want to tell you how new BUSSID players can play with the sugarcane truck mod in the city.

To that end, we offer the following installation instructions
  • Make sure you have downloaded one of the above Sugarcane Truck Mod files.
  • Then open the game BUSSID and after opening it, select the mod menu.
  • In this menu, simply select the imported option and choose FileManager.
  • Then you can immediately search and install the mod file sugarcane truck.
  • Finally, you will not run out of money if you automatically select the free installation mode option.

What about the installation of the livery? The method is very simple. Simply go to the garage, select Sugar Cane Truck MOD, select the color palette menu ➔ tap the Browse for Reverie button ➔ select the device gallery ➔ select the coloring according to your OD ➔ and finally select the free install option.

Now you can immediately experience a sugar cane truck and imagine having a sugar cane truck just like in the real world.