Reviews Reviews Reviews Reviews: Lilacshoe is basically an online shop or shop selling various women’s shoes and other products. The subject looks nice, images are also well placed on the site. Overall, look good, look good. Overall. We’re not talking about it, however. We aim primarily at making the Lilacshoe site authentic and genuine. Lilacshoe fails miserably on the ‘authenticity’ front.

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Lilacshoe, for today’s daring, exciting and noble fashion shoes, is your one-stop Online Shop. Our affordable collections of sneakers, sandals, boots, etc. are all about redefining trends, design excellence and extraordinary quality to meet each fashionista’s needs. The original idea is to share fashion for women and men the latest news and trends on the shoes and we are quickly offering fashion around the world. Reviews Reviews

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The product is now delivered (not the correct one) and banks or PayPal cannot refund the money of the people. It is not sufficient to answer your mail if you contact the website. The answer they send most often is: “We have mistakenly delivered the wrong product. The product can be returned to them and replaced by them.” You provide your customer with few options. Send the product back to you first. It is not possible since courier costs exceed the cost of the product. It is not possible. Reviews Reviews


Finally, the Lilacshoe is not just a bad place to go shopping, but an unsafe place to use. Please keep a distance from this website and do not use your services. Our job is to raise awareness of the basic red flags found at scam sites. A scam site is not defined properly. The intention of any new site or another site cannot be judged by anybody. If someone has to scam people they will do it regardless of whether the site is old or new. But on bad sites, there are always some subtle points that give us an idea of his ability to become a scam or not.