Smithy Family Net Worth – The Smithy Family Tiktok

Smithy Family Net Worth
Smithy Family Net Worth

Smithy Family Net Worth:- The Smithy Family has a following of over 2.6 million people who testify to the slogan “Life is what you make it, therefore make it good.” Nick, a former builder and father, his girlfriend Jess, and their children comprise the illustrious Smithy family of South London. After months of persecution, their family home in south London was targeted in a suspected arson assault – but they all escaped unharmed.

Nick accused two particular individuals of deliberately setting fire to the home, however as of this writing, it remains unknown who caused the fire.

Along with TikTok, the family has achieved success on other social media platforms, which has enabled father-of-four Nick to leave his work as a builder, MyLondon reported.

However, what more do we know about this family and how did they achieve such rapid celebrity?

What started as a few postings about family life under lockdown has grown to an astounding 2 million followers and 173 million ‘likes’ on TikTok.

Smithy Family Net Worth
Smithy Family Net Worth

Their comedic videos have been so popular that dad Nick has quit his day job as a builder to concentrate exclusively on his newfound TikTok stardom.

Nick frequently uploads videos of himself and his girlfriend Jess Farthing on the family TikTok account @thesmithyfamily.

Jess’ half-brother Jack, 16, appears often in the family’s films, as does Nick’s son Ben, 13, who sometimes lives with the family.

Nick and Jess have two children, Amelia, six, and Isabella, nine, as well as a newborn baby boy.

Jess’ half-brother Jack, as well as Nick’s 13-year-old son Ben, who sometimes lives with the family, appear often in the family’s films.

On July 15, 2021, the family made news when they announced their house had been the victim of a suspected arson assault.

The Smithy Family’s 2.5 million followers were treated to a spectacular video of their semi-detached home in South London.

They post videos of their family life at home with their children to their 1.4 million followers on their TikTok account The Smithy Family.

Nick said that now that they had a sizable following on TikTok, he started by attempting to gather some contributions of gifts, which quickly snowballed.

He expressed his awe at how people have joined together to assist others this year, collecting over 5,000 Christmas gifts for those in need.

“Someone gave 2,000 presents from a storage unit,” Nick said. The woman used to purchase excess stock from retailers, which means everything is brand-new in boxes, and she contacted us and said, “If we can clear everything out, we can have it.”

It depicted a vehicle destroyed by fire in the driveway and a house engulfed in flames.

Smithy Family Net Worth
Smithy Family Net Worth

Additionally, the family shared a video of the home blazing orange with flames.

Dad “We all made it out of the home safely, and the children are OK,” Nick said. The dogs are in good health. The home is not in good condition. The children are in a secure location.

“To those responsible, you might have murdered our family and not only our family, but also my neighbours and friends. It is unpardonable.”

It comes as a result of the family’s meteoric rise to fame, which has resulted in harassment and their address being published online.