Https //Vimeo.Com/Activate Code

Https //Vimeo.Com/Activate Code
Https //Vimeo.Com/Activate Code

Https //Vimeo.Com/Activate Code:- Vimeo Inc. is an American video hosting, sharing, and services platform provider headquartered in New York City. Vimeo focuses on the delivery of high-definition video across a range of devices. Vimeo’s business model is through software as a service (SaaS).They derive revenue by providing subscription plans for businesses and video content producers.

Vimeo provides its subscribers with tools for video creation, editing, and broadcasting, enterprise software solutions, as well as the means for video professionals to connect with clients and other professionals.

Https //Vimeo.Com/Activate Code
Https //Vimeo.Com/Activate Code

How to Vimeo.Com/Activate Code on Smart TV

  • First, you need to make sure that the app is available on your advanced Smart TV.
  • After this, you need to check the internet connection on your TV.
  • Now you need to create a Vimeo account which has to be free.
  • Get the Vimeo app on your laptop by using the URL and password already given to your register mobile number.
  • After it gets downloaded on your laptop you need to hover the mouse, and you will get the app on the top right-hand side, and this looks like a clock.
  • Now, you need to click on the clock symbol.
  • Now is time to log in to the account on your Smart TV.
  • On the right side, you need to click on the corresponding watch symbol.
  • After that, your application is ready for watching, you can enjoy finally entertainment.

How to Vimeo.Com/Activate Code on Roku

  • 3rd generation Roku devices and higher are supported for up to 1080p playback. Roku 4 and higher support 4K playback. Older Roku devices are not supported.
  • Add the seller’s Roku channel to your Roku.
  • Open the seller’s Roku channel on your Roku and click SIGN IN. -It will give you an activation code.
  • On a different device (computer or phone), visit the Activate page & login (if you are not).
  • Enter the code from the Roku channel, and click Activate.
  • The Roku channel should load and you are all set to watch.

How to Vimeo.Com/Activate Code on Amazon Fire TV

  • Turn on your Amazon Fire TV and make sure it is connected to your internet network.
  • Next, you will need to navigate to the Apps section and look for the Vimeo application using the search option.
  • Once you find the Vimeo app, you will need to go to its preview page and install the application to your Fire TV.
  • Once the app gets installed on your Fire TV, you will need to go to the home screen and launch the Vimeo application.
  • Next, you will need to select the login option in the app; this will provide an activation code on your screen.
  • Now, using a separate phone, tablet, or computer, go to You will be directed to the Vimeo activation page.
  • On the activation page, you will need to enter the email address and password in the provided field to sign in to your Vimeo account.
  • Once you are logged into your Vimeo account, you will need to enter the activation code in the provided field and press the -Connect device Your Vimeo app will then be accessible on your Amazon Fire TV.

How to Vimeo.Com/Activate Code on Apple TV

  • Turn on your Apple TV and go to the App Store. In the App Store, you will need to look for the Vimeo app using the search option. Enter Vimeo in the search field and press the search icon. From the search result, select the Vimeo app to get to its preview page.
  • From the preview page, you will need to select the option to download and install the application on your Apple Tv.
  • Once you have installed the app on your device, go to the home screen and open the Vimeo app.
  • If prompted to sign in, you will need to log in using the credentials to get the activation code.
  • Once you have the activation code, you will need to launch a web browser on your phone or computer and open the Vimeo activation page (
  • Once you are on the activation page, you will first need to sign in to your Vimeo account, enter the activation code in the provided field, and press the Connect Device
  • After that, simply follow the on-screen prompts to complete the activation process.


There are always a selection of choices for seeing Vimeo videos on products apart from your phone. To begin with, indigenous Vimeo programs are available for the following tools and products

  • Apple TV (4th and 5th generation/4K designs, both working tvOS)
  • In the Software Keep, search for “Vimeo.”
  • Roku participants (standalone Roku products as well as Roku-enabled TVs)
  • Go to the app page or search for “Vimeo” in the Roku route store.
  • Android-based televisions (such as NVidia Shield TV , Sony TVs, Xiaomi Mi Box)
  • In the Bing Perform Keep, key in “Vimeo.”
  • Fire TV gadgets from Amazon
  • Go to the app page or search for “Vimeo” on the Amazon Fire TV computer.
  • Chromecast
  • Throw from the Vimeo Android or iOS smartphone programs to your Chromecast.